A new look for Pulse

I am truly excited to announce the launch of our new website! We are focused on revising our digital presence to best reflect who we are as an organisation, and this is the first step.
As the end of financial year approaches, we wanted to take ‘new year, new me’ seriously with a revamp of not only our website but also a new approach to our module names.
The way we display our solution information has changed. The revised design and terminology aims to better showcase Pulse’s solutions, with a fresh layout that’s intuitive to navigate and explore.
Launching our new website isn’t just about a periodic design refresh, it symbolises our next iteration as an organisation to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.
Originally launching in 2011 as Local Government Software Solutions, we look back on our journey from a single module powered by a two-man-band to now 11 modules backed by an organisation of more than 50 staff members.
I am truly excited to share this update with you as we continue our journey together.
Thomas Rajanayagam
CEO & Co-Founder