City of West Torrens selects Pulse Software


The City of West Torrens (CoWT) identified a need to transition to a new system to manage their corporate planning, and performance reporting requirements, whilst also providing much needed enterprise risk management functionality across
their organisation. Pulse’s Strategy and Governance solutions provided them with a contemporary platform that was fit for
purpose, cost effective and is on track to significantly improve efficiencies and increase team productivity. 

The Organisation

The City of West Torrens is a vibrant metropolitan community located in the western suburbs of Adelaide SA, nestled
between the iconic beachside of Glenelg and the bustling CBD of Adelaide. The Local Authority was established as The
District Council of West Torrens in 1853 and was one of the first local governments to be formed in South Australia. The City is home to an estimated population of approx. 62,500 (ABS ERP 2021) and has a land area of 37.04sqm.

The Challenge

The City had been with their previous provider of corporate planning and risk management functionality since
2008. Among the challenges they faced was a lack of contemporary look and feel, configuration flexibility and the
capability to make changes to the system without significant investment and extended turnaround time. The City of
West Torrens stakeholders were keen to find a reliable business partner with a modern platform, consistent support
and a track record of delivering excellent customer service.

A number of providers were evaluated with key requirements being; platform functionality, ease of use and
the capacity for business reporting and engagement, fit for purpose, total cost of ownership, local government
performance, KPI reporting, training and transition from the legacy solution.

The Solution

In partnership with the City, Pulse are currently deploying their industry leading corporate planning and governance
modules, fully cloud developed in partnership with Local Government and hosted within Australia. In addition to the
criteria listed above, key elements also included the capacity for function owners to drive and support the system
themselves, Pulse’s proven performance in the local government sector, and a competitive total cost of ownership.
It was Pulse’s highly configurable solution approach and capacity for City staff to create and tailor their reports
themselves that indicated the system would meet the requirements and actually be able to achieve more in less time.

The Result

The Pulse modules provide a modern browser based solution that empowers the City team members to develop
processes and workflows to meet their specific requirements as well as to inter-connect nodes of information ensuring
that single points of truth flow through to multiple areas of the system. Underpinned by a strong workflow engine and
notifications capability, this offers tangible productivity gains for team members at the City, cutting down on wasted
administration time and ensuring a higher degree of accountability and compliance.

Pulse is working with the City to manage the exit from the legacy system ensuring key business owners are supported
during the transition, ensuring function and IT resources are available as required, and that stakeholders and workforce assisted project sponsors and decision makers are identified and engaged in change management practices. Levels of enthusiasm are high across stakeholders and the Pulse team are helping to maintain that.

“Pulse Software was the clear standout in all areas evaluated by the organisation. The Pulse modules provide significantly greater flexibility regarding workflows, reporting and linking of actions across various corporate plan structures. The ability to self-manage templates was identified as another example of “removing lots of work.”

– Chris James, Manager Information Services

About Pulse Software

Pulse is an Australian SaaS company focused on industry leading, corporate planning, governance, HRIS and project management software solutions with module-style applications developed using the latest cloud-based technology for a wide range of organisations. Our solutions are currently deployed in over 150 organisations across Australia and New Zealand and enhances the productivity for more than 150,000 employees.

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