Corporate Planning & Reporting Case Study: City of Boroondara


Read how the City of Boroondara implemented the Pulse Software Corporate Planning & Reporting Module to enhance and improve the efficiency of its integrated planning and reporting functions as well as provide transparency across the organisation.

The Challenge

The previous system used by the City lacked in-built reporting capabilities and business planning functions. It was difficult to navigate and required a large amount of inconvenient administrative tasks to help users with their enquiries, including time consuming data entry and management. This meant the corporate reporting team was required to spend more time helping users or chasing action updates rather than producing quality reports. The system also offered less flexibility when catering for the changing needs of the organisation with no link between project initiatives (budget bids) and actions.

The Solution

The City trialed the Pulse module  in 2019 and implemented it nine months later. The simple interface required minimal training, with the ability for management and relevant staff to use the system without any changes to existing processes. It also allowed the flexibility to link projects to relevant actions avoiding the need for updating by Project Managers in the future. The module has revolutionised the City’s reporting processes, and now forms a strategic part of its annual business planning and ultimately provides greater flexibility and transparency for users across the organisation.

The Result

The Pulse module facilitated significantly improved customer service and enquiry assistance during and after implementation. Minimum training requirements and easy navigation as a result of the user friendly interface enhanced the quality of information and speed of updates, shifting time spent on follow ups to producing quality reports. Easy data extraction and fast uploads along with the flexibility to develop reports minimised system administration tasks and enabled the creation of different planning hierarchies and reporting functions including audit reviews, strategies and plans. The module also provided the flexibility for the end user to cater to different requirements, with a central information point minimising risk and retaining data integrity.

“The Pulse Corporate Planning & Reporting module has an intuitive user interface which has enabled efficient business planning and reporting processes across Boroondara.”

— Coordinator Corporate Reporting

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