Corporate Planning & Reporting Case Study: Shire of Esperance


Is reporting visibility and accuracy restricted by a reliance on outdated or unpredictable manual and paper-based processes? Are existing internal systems simply not ‘up to the task’? These are the questions the Shire of Esperance grappled with as they continued to meet hurdles through their legacy approach to corporate reporting and the daily execution of plan actions.

Challenges faced by the Shire of Esperance

The Shire of Esperance relied upon a data entry system that regularly encountered technical errors when it came to saving and retrieving valuable information for their reporting needs. Overall operational efficiency was impacted by their legacy approach.

  • Inefficient data entry system: the Shire’s officers/administrators lost valuable time on recurring issues with saving and retrieval of data.
  • Limited administration: the Shire’s administrators had limited flexibility with managing the corporate planning actions and tasks as well as generating reports.

Why Pulse Software was the solution of choice

The Shire of Esperance sought a solution that would increase their efficiency and provide reliable technical support for future operations. A straightforward and easy to use dedicated reporting system was also of vital importance.

Pulse Software’s Corporate Planning & Reporting module provided the Shire with all of this and more. Pulse’s solution was user-friendly and fast to pick up, allowing data entry officers across the Shire to get up to speed without encountering technical hurdles.

The results from Pulse Software’s Corporate Performance & Reporting module

The Shire of Esperance are no longer restricted by subpar reporting capabilities. Instead, the Corporate Planning & Reporting module transformed their reporting process to be simple and time effective. Reports can now be set up quickly and easily as well as exported to Word format for stakeholders at the click of a button.

The most noticeable improvements included:

  • A new system that increased officers’ reporting efficiency
  • Reduced data entry complications
  • Dedicated technical support from Pulse Software’s solution specialists

“Throughout the transitional period when implementing the solution, the Shire was kept up to date with outstanding technical support, as well as open and transparent communication from Pulse Software. Since implementing the solution, the Shire continues to work closely with Pulse Software to further customise the solution to their needs, including updates to the Task functionality.” – Sarah Walsh, Coordinator Governance and Corporate Support

About Pulse Software

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