Project Case Study: City of Boroondara


Improved management visibility, governance and alignment of projects with strategic plans and community objectives

The City of Boroondara is located in the inner eastern suburbs of Melbourne, between 5 and 10 kilometres east of the Melbourne Central Business District and covers an area of 60 square kilometres.

Challenges of a manual project management system

The City of Boroondara were using an in-house system between 2012 and 2018 for project initiation (budget bids). During the 2018-2019 Budget process there were no internal champions of the legacy system and Council then relied on complicated Excel spreadsheets. This manual process was time consuming for both administrators as well as project managers and included the following challenges:

  • Project reporting was managed individually by project managers and involved the process of collating separate Excel spreadsheets.
  • No automation between projects and actions, therefore project managers had to make these updates in two separate locations.
  • Project management reliant upon individual and uncontrolled MS Office excel-based spreadsheets, toolsets, and Word templates.
  • Limited governance over the Council’s approved project management practices for project planning, reporting, and risk-management.
  • Once project initiation was approved, there was no visibility for users to reflect on the initial bid and the information submitted.

Benefits of a SaaS project management system

The Pulse Project Management Module was selected as Councils’ preferred solution in 2019 after identifying the following attributes of the platform:

  • Easy to use interface that requires limited end-user training.
  • Out-of-the-box functionality that required no changes during the implementation process as the system suited the needs of Council.
  • Flexibility within the system if further configuration was required in the future to better suit system Administrators.
  • A site-based license (instead of per user) which catered for increasing staff numbers.
  • Seamless workflows that provide greater transparency during the project initiation process.
  • Integration with the City of Boroondara’s financial system.
  • The collaborative and supportive approach from the team at Pulse Software.

Key outcomes from implementing the Pulse Project Management Module

Due to the intuitive nature of the system, the City of Boroondara required minimum training following the implementation of the Pulse Project Management Module. Additional key outcomes for the Council included:

  • Improved project initiation process, monitoring and project delivery with the end-to-end project management and control system.
  • Minimised system administration tasks with easy data extracts, data uploads and user management.
  • Flexibility for the end-user to change their view to cater for different user requirements.
  • Minimising the risk and integrity of data by having all the information held in one central place.

During 2019-20, there were 184 budget bids totalling to $36.37 million approved and 398 projects reported through the Pulse Project Management Module.


“Prior to implementing the Pulse Project Management & Control module, Council’s executive leadership and program delivery management teams had limited ability to monitor and track the actual status, progress, and performance of Council projects/Project Bid. Pulse has enabled Council to significantly improve project delivery, management, governance and performance.”

Manoja Ratnayake – Corporate Reporting Team Leader, City of Boroondara

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