Projects Case Study: Bega Valley Shire Council


Bega Valley Shire Council needed a system to manage their large number of projects, and Pulse’s Projects module provided them with a cost effective, well-supported solution.

The organisation

The Bega Valley Shire (also known as the Sapphire Coast) is located at the south-eastern extremity of coastal NSW, Australia. The Shire is predominantly rural, with a number of townships and villages, including Bega, Bermagui, Merimbula and Eden.

The Shire has a population of over 35,000 and covers around 6,000 square kilometres, with the land primarily used for conservation and timber production, along with dairy farming.

The challenge

Council did not have a dedicated project management system or framework in place to manage the multiple projects they were planning or were underway. Projects across the business were being tracked in a simple spreadsheet that was infrequently updated and didn’t have a lot of visibility within the organisation.

Council was challenged to find a cost-effective cloud-based solution to bring some oversight to the entire process.

The solution

Bega Valley Shire turned to Pulse to find an effective project management software solution. Council already used Pulse for their corporate planning, so the advantage was staff had a level of familiarity with the system, and there wouldn’t be any need to learn new software.

Pulse provided a cost effective, fully customisable and well-supported solution that offers great versatility, so the software not only tracks Council’s projects but also a range of other business items including grants, community project proposals and legal matters.

The result

Pulse’s Projects module was a vast improvement over the spreadsheet that used to manage Council’s projects. Now managers and executive have greater visibility over all the projects that are happening across Bega Valley Shire, including the individual status of each one.

Reporting functions have improved greatly too, with officers now able to run effective reports on the status of each project direct from the software and can easily send them to relevant stakeholders direct from within Pulse.

“The Pulse Projects module has greatly improved the way we track and manage our projects at Bega Valley Shire. We no longer have to rely on a clunky spreadsheet to update and report information within the organisation, and it integrates seamlessly with our other Pulse modules.” 

Kaleigh Smerdon, Corporate Planning and Improvement Manager.

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