Pulse Software partners with Southland District Council securing international expansion to New Zealand


Following a competitive procurement process Southland District Council, a national award-winning locality in the areas of building, engineering and planning – has selected Pulse Talent (Human Resource Information Management solution) as the platform to digitise their human resource requirements.

Southland District Council is Pulse Software’s first client acquisition in New Zealand and marks the milestone of an international presence.

Thomas Rajanayagam, Pulse Software’s Chief Executive Officer said: “We have been focused on the product development and enhancement of our Talent Solution for the last two years. An investment which is evidently speaking volumes with international clients such as Southland District Council choosing Pulse.”

“Our premise has always been to align people with organisational performance – a sentiment that was developed since the conception of our Corporate Planning & Reporting Solution. This approach and alignment between organisational goals and people is our point of difference.”

Southland District Council Chief Executive, Cameron McIntosh said the Council went through a rigorous selection process from which Pulse emerged as the leading contender.

“We are very pleased to work with Pulse to deliver a new system that meets the needs of the organisation,” he said. 

“We have high expectations of Pulse and are confident that the users will welcome the opportunity to access their information on multiple devices. This is particularly relevant as we navigate the realities of flexible and remote working and will set us up well for the future.”

COVID-19 has undoubtedly been a driving force to encourage businesses to digitise human capital processes with nearly one in five New Zealand businesses not having a business preparedness strategy in the lead up to COVID-19. This figure fell to 2% with now 50% of business confident in identifying multiple, likely business scenarios and boasting robust mitigation plans.*

As the world still feels the ramifications of the pandemic, adoption of business process management solutions is now more important than ever, ensuring alignment between corporate strategies, people and performance.

*Source: Deloitte Global Human Capital Trend 2021, The social enterprise in a world disrupted, 2021.


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