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Delegations & Policies

Solutions for your organisation’s delegations and policy requirements.

The Pulse Software platform can provide the software tools to help you eliminate surprises, improve accountability, enforce boundaries, implement checks and balances across your organisation, mitigate and manage risk, maintain due process, and demonstrate compliance to legislative and statutory requirements.

The Delegations & Policies Module is designed to help you acknowledge, review and track policy, delegation and compliance executions while maintaining and clarifying authorities and responsibilities.

Product Overview

The Delegations & Policies Module allows you to improve your organisation’s ability to manage, report and promote delegations, as well as demonstrate compliance to legislative and statutory requirements.

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Delegations & Policies

Create Transparency

Provides control over the management and recording of an organsiation’s delegations, including a full rollover ability of each delegation and the consolidation of all delegations into an overall Delegations of Authority Register.

Delegation Management

Powerful search functions allow for the quick and easy retrieval of any delegation and allows for delegations to be viewed in the platform or exported in a variety of formats.

Policy Management

The policy management component provides the ability for an unlimited number of policies to be managed and maintained through a central register, which is integrated with the Delegations module.

Compliance Management

Allows for users with delegations to attest that they have complied with the requirements of their delegations – this action is dated and timestamped. The attestation is available on screen and is exportable to Excel.

Pulse Delegations Module

Delegations & Policies

Simple & Intuitive Interface

End-users have accelerated time-to-adoption as Pulse is designed and developed with a responsive and easy to use interface (UI) that adapts to the size, screen and orientation of any internet enabled device being used, regardless of location. Support for Single-Sign-On (SSO) and SSO bypass ensure secure and controlled system access for authenticated users.

Pulse Delegations Module

Delegations & Policies

Platform & System Integration

Pulse modules seamlessly integrate with each other as well as variety of third-party systems. The platform leverages an organisations internal legacy system to support organisation-wide processes, objectives, and requirements.

Pulse Delegations Module

Delegations & Policies


All Pulse modules including the Pulse Audit Module meet stringent Federal Government data and required Security & Cloud Based Policy Standards, such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1, and SOC 2 and country-specific standards, including Australian IRAP Tier 4 certification to meet.

Pulse Delegations Module
Pulse Software Business Process Management Solution;

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