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Solutions for your organisation’s onboarding and induction needs.

The Pulse Software platform can provide the software tools to help you manage and support your employees and contractors through every step of their journey with your organisation – from entry to exit.

The Onboarding Module is designed to deliver a tailored and customisable onboarding and induction journey for new hires to accelerate new hire engagement and employee time to productivity, meet increasingly onerous corporate compliance requirements and improve the alignment between onboarding, inductions and learning management.

Product Overview

The Onboarding Module allows you to induct new employees and contractors into your organisation’s culture, goals and objectives. Deliver, manage, automate and digitise new hire and contractor onboarding, induction and compliance management.

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Onboarding Portal

New staff will now be greeted with a tailor made Onboarding portal, the beginning of their journey to acquire organisational knowledge starts here.

Templates and Checklists

Create checklist templates that can be further refined when inviting a new employee to an Onboarding portal. By assigning due dates to checklist items the system’s inbuilt notification framework will alert staff and supervisors of task passing their due dates.

Online Forms

The Online Forms component allows you to convert your paper forms to online. Giving your new staff an easy method for providing the necessary data.

Action Management Hierarchies

Setup an approval workflow to navigate the data through the important organisation end points. Example, IT department to provide corporate email etc.

Pulse Onboarding Module


Simple & Intuitive Interface

End-users have accelerated time-to-adoption as Pulse is designed and developed with a responsive and easy to use interface (UI) that adapts to the size, screen and orientation of any internet enabled device being used, regardless of location. Support for Single-Sign-On (SSO) and SSO bypass ensure secure and controlled system access for authenticated users.

Pulse Onboarding Module


Platform & System Integration

Pulse modules seamlessly integrate with each other as well as variety of third-party systems. The platform leverages an organisations internal legacy system to support organisation-wide processes, objectives, and requirements.

Pulse Onboarding Module



All Pulse modules including the Pulse Audit Module meet stringent Federal Government data and required Security & Cloud Based Policy Standards, such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1, and SOC 2 and country-specific standards, including Australian IRAP Tier 4 certification to meet.

Pulse Onboarding Module
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