Partnership driving better organisational outcomes in the LG sector


Pulse Software, a leading provider of innovative software solutions for the government sector, has formed a strategic partnership with GovPartners, an Australian-owned management consultancy that works within the public sector to assist with the creation of smart, strong and sustainable communities.

This partnership will bring together the strengths of both companies to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions that meet the complex needs of government agencies. Pulse Software’s extensive experience in delivering software solutions for government organisations, combined with GovPartners’ expertise in offering objective, experienced and candid advice, will create a strong solution for government customers.

GovPartners’ approach for organisations is to work with clients to understand the intent, the problems faced, and the varied stakeholders, and apply a mix of strategic, analytical and creative thinking to deliver strong outcomes, for the organisation and the community it serves.

To help government agencies deliver on their strategy, Pulse provides products that will aid the organisation. Pulse’s software solutions allow users to automate planning, reporting and controls for their organisation in the areas of business planning, human capital management, project management, and governance, risk and compliance. This will help government agencies streamline their processes, reduce costs and improve the speed and efficiency of their operations. 

Under this partnership, Pulse Software will leverage GovPartners’ extensive consultancy experience and offer their services to their customers to help elevate their organisation’s processes and frameworks that are supported by the Pulse platform.

Pulse Software’s CEO, Thomas Rajanayagam, stated, “We are excited to be partnering with GovPartners. This partnership will enable us to deliver more value to government customers and help streamline their internal processes. Our combined expertise and knowledge will allow us to offer a comprehensive solution that meets the evolving needs of government agencies.”

GovPartners’ Director, Clare Huxley, added, “We are excited to be working with Pulse Software. Their expertise in delivering software solutions for government organisations, combined with our expert knowledge and advice, will create amazing outcomes for government agencies around Australia.”

This partnership aligns two organisations looking to help government agencies better service their community as well as provide innovative solutions that meet the changing needs of the public sector. With this partnership, government agencies can be confident that they are working with two of the most trusted and experienced providers in the industry.

Until the end of financial year GovPartners is offering current Pulse customers a one-hour free discovery session to review the organisation’s current governance or project framework, ICT roadmap or stakeholder engagement and change management plan. To partake in this offer, book your session with GovPartners email