Recruitment and Onboarding Case Study: Hawkesbury City Council


Hawkesbury City Council found their existing HR process to be challenging and time-consuming. They looked to streamline their workflow with Pulse’s Talent module.

The organisation

Hawkesbury City Council is the largest local government area in metropolitan New South Wales, providing services and facilities to more than 67,000 residents spread across 2,800 kilometres in urban and rural communities. Council was looking to improve its HR processes and sought out Pulse’s Recruitment and Onboarding modules for the solution.

The challenge

The People & Development team at Hawkesbury City Council were working with multiple HR systems and entering in data manually. With these multiple sources, manual entry meant a lot of duplicating of data, which made it a very time-consuming process.

Council had the challenge of finding a solution that streamlined their HR process and would immediately be seamless and familiar, as well as being easy to work with during the day-to-day.

The solution

Hawkesbury City Council have been using Pulse Software’s Delegations & Policies for a few years, and during that time have slowly been introducing other modules. When looking for a solution, Council considered Pulse’s Talent modules as their experience with us had been positive and the products were straight-forward and easy to use.

Council started their Pulse Talent solution journey with Onboarding, and have since expanded to include Learning, Performance Management and are currently in the process of adding Recruitment.

By adding Recruitment to the suite, Hawkesbury City Council believe it will streamline their onboarding process. Their aim is to have the combination of products help new employees make the transition from recruitment, commencing and continued employment an efficient process.

The result

There is now a familiar online environment for both the People & Development team and other employees from beginning to end – that is, a portal to apply, be onboarded and then managed throughout their career with Council, including performance management and learning/training.

The consistent experience extends beyond the Talent modules, as employees also benefit from the familiar look, feel and functionality within the day-to-day operational tools that they use, with Pulse’s Delegations & Policies, Corporate Reporting, Audit, Projects and Enterprise Risk modules.

“Having all HR functions in the one place makes a simplified process for the employee lifecycle, from recruitment, onboarding, performance review and learning.

“It’s just easy.”

People & Development Team, Hawkesbury City Council

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